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About IL Cares Foundation

Established in 2014, the Island Luck Cares Foundation (ILC), The IL Cares Foundation (ILC) has now become the sole source of Island Luck’s charitable works and the continued goals and efforts of Island Luck will be realized through the successful economic empowerment programs of the ILC.

Island Luck has consistently aimed to empower Bahamians through countless contributions and dedicated community initiatives. It is our main focus and goal to directly affect those with the greatest needs. This includes outreach and effective assistance in the areas of poverty, health care, education, and business entrepreneurship and ownership.


Through the foundation we aim to continue our ongoing initiatives with the goal of dramatically increasing the quality of life for hundreds of Bahamians. By giving back to our community in ways that create stronger individuals and households, we can create stronger citizens and a stronger economy.

We feel that, by bringing people, companies, communities and government resources together we can serve to better the community as a whole, while helping to restore a feeling of ownership and responsibility of our Bahamas; land, soil, neighbors, and future.


The goal of this charity is to bring awareness and community support to the socioeconomic needs of The Bahamas and it’s people. Our efforts will be centered in the areas of education, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, wellness and social responsibility, and health and environment.

Education: IL Cares is about more than short-term charity for a few; we’re about lasting solutions that build opportunity for all. We intend to provide resources to schools in specific areas that are lacking in resources or need strengthening in specific areas. It is our goal to help teachers, principals, student leaders and community leaders by to encourage students through the use of these resources to keep them on track to graduation and beyond.

Economic Empowerment: As apart of the Island Luck Cares Foundation, the economic empowerment and entrepreneurship initiative aims to advance entrepreneurial opportunities, by offering business education, understanding of business financial requirements and responsibilities, certification, mentorship, and resources that would assist persons in creating opportunities for themselves others through ownership.

Social Responsibilities: Our strategy for a better Bahamas focuses on building healthier communities, protecting the land in which we live and creating economic opportunities.

Health and Environment: Through the IL Cares Foundation, we provide grants for improving health and health care nationwide. We support programs that improve access to health care services, provide chronic disease management and promote smoking cessation and prevention.

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